Best Refrigerator Temperature Settings

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Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator - Black
Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator -  Black
(426 customer reviews)
Price: $119.99
  • Reversible door hinge for left and right hand...
  • Cycle defrost
  • Integrated handle
  • 1.8 cu.ft. (51 litre) capacity all refrigerator
  • Gen II CanStor beverage dispenser holds 5...
Customer reviews
I wanted a refrigerator that would get really cold, was black and had more room than one with a freezer which I knew I would rarely use. So, based on the good reviews I purchased this...

I'd read some reviews on other sites for this model about how lots of people had to adjust the temp because their drinks were too cold (or even freezing). Since that's how cold I want my fridge to be able to cool, I bought one. The other reviews...

I purchased this fridge to go in our bedroom. Sometimes at night especially in the winter with the dry heat my hubby and I get thirsty and don't want to go all the way downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink late at night. I looked a several...

Refrigerator or Freezer Thermostat (Temperature Controller)
Refrigerator or Freezer Thermostat (Temperature Controller)
(34 customer reviews)
List price: $75.99
Price: $56.80
  • Easy Adjustment
  • For Freezer or Refrigerator
  • Easy to Install
Customer reviews
This is a must have device for any serious Cheesemaker or Home Brewer.Any fridge even at its lowest setting will cool to about 40 degrees. This is too cold for yeast in beer and for ripening cheeses.This thermostat installs in...


This is being used to convert a 7 cu in. chest freezer into a cheese cave. I need the temperature to stay between 50-55F. This unit has a 3.5 differential set by JC to keep your cpmpressor from burning out, and so far, it does just that. It works...

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Storing and Securing Medications

Storing and Securing Medications

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How to safely prepare your Thanksgiving meal

Gore advises people to thaw it in the fridge and then get it ready for the oven. Once the bird is in the oven, the temperature should be set at least 325 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to checking if the turkey is ready, Gore said not to rely on the ...

Guidelines outlined for safe food at the Thanksgiving meal

Speaking about those meals in general, Ingham said she is amazed at the number of actors who take part in the preparation ... in salt water along with other choices including sugar, apple juice, and cider, Ingham stated. This helps the meats to retain ...

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Another symbol you ... cook the stuffed turkey until the center of the stuffing has reached 165 °F (73.9° C) before removing it from the oven. The USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline does not recommend purchasing retail-stuffed fresh turkey, roasters ...

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What Temperature Should a Freezer be Set At? - Answers

The ideal temperature for a freezer to be set is zero degrees Fahrenheit, since this is the temperature that most frozen foods should be to maintain freshness.

What Temperature Should I Set My Freezer? | eBay

Freezing food is a great way to preserve it for later consumption. Nearly every kind of food can be frozen, with eggs in shells and canned food being notable ...

What Temperature Should a Deep Freezer Be Set? -

Deep freezers should ideally maintain a temperature between 0 and -9 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some units have the ability to be set as low or lower than -29

What Temperature Should a Freezer Be Set at? -

The optimal freezer temperature is 0 degree Fahrenheit or -13 degrees Celsius. Your freezer may fluctuate in temperature as it goes through defrost cycles. If